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Agostino Oliveri Data Protection Officer – Privacy Consultant e Auditor Certificated (Num. Reg. DPO 1529 secondo gli standard UNI CEI EN ISO IEC 17024:2012 e 17065:2012 e disciplinato ai sensi legge 4/2013) We work mainly in the field of IT SECURITY with the provision of services and solutions to some penetration testing and security baseline. We provide consultancy to achieve the adjustments required under the law in the area of ​​security of data processed by computer equipment, law 196/2003 (the new Privacy Code undergoing change), law 231/2001 (protection from company computer crimes), adaptation of security bodies to DM 1.12.2010 num. 269, preparation of the feasibility study and business continuity plan in accordance with Article. 50-bis of the Administrative Code digital support for all matters related to the DL 33/2013 on Transparency and L. 190/2012 Anticorruption, we offer consultancy for achieving quality certification according to ISO 9001 and safety according to ISO 27001 certification for information and services for STAR mode CLOUD COMPUTING. I think the significant experience gained with multinational companies has allowed us to achieve a certification of expertise in some areas and very important issues and I think it can be a path to significant and important to share. Then in the light of the many regulatory changes that will have a very important impact on companies, I believe we need a prudent approach and prior verification and certification of existing solutions adopted in order to avoid incurring heavy fines in addition to the guarantee of safety of its corporate assets.

Report Verizon : violated 9 out of 10 companies

The 2015 edition of the Protected Health Information Data Breach Report, released by Verizon and based on a database of protected health information (PHI), amounting to 392 million records, and over 1,931 incidents detected in 25 countries. What’s most alarming is that 90% of companies involved in the survey suffered violations of personal health… Read More »

USA, cybercriminals bloc clinical folders and email: The hospital chooses to pay the ransom

Interesting article in La Repubblica: “It was the fastest way to restore the system.” The sum was paid in bitcoins and corresponds to approximately $ 17,000. It is not the first time that the public interest structures are blocked by a cyber attack. And they still underestimate the risks of this phenomenon. ” Is it… Read More »

Tlc : yes to database intentional defaulters

Green light by the Italian Data Protection Commissioner to the database of defaulters intentional, to counter the “telephone tourism” for which a user switches to the new operator leaving behind unpaid bills. This initiated the “Information System arrears intentional in telephony” (SIMo.I.Tel.) To take a census of natural and legal persons, entities, associations, individual enterprises… Read More »


Italian Parliament today approved two separate motions to promote the Declaration of Rights in Internet in view of the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Brazil November 9 to 13. The Undersecretary of Telecommunications Antonello Giacomelli, to support the initiative “commits the government to activate its best endeavors for the promotion and adoption at… Read More »

Italy coordinates EU project

Italy gets funding from the EU Horizon 2020 program for the project Vision on visual management of privacy. the Project VisiOn (Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments), funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program with over 3.1 million Euros, is being coordinated by an Italian-Business. VisiOn has been selected in the… Read More »

The E.D.P.S. launches an app to follow the law

An app was released for mobile phones and tablets that allows to consult the work of European Institutions on the general rules for the protection of data. The Italian Giovanni Buttarelli launched the app on National and European data protection “to compare the latest changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought by the co-legislating… Read More »

Recommendation of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe on 1 April 2015 adopted Recommendation CM / Rec (2015) 5 on the processing of personal data in the employment context. Employers should minimize the risks of violation of workers’ rights and fundamental freedoms: – Https:// The theme is of undeniable interest in Italy especially in this time of great expectations… Read More »