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The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) approach

Give the citizen a reliable health data, secure and easy to use is not possible without an overview of all the business processes. These can be standardized and simplified if the critical issues are identified, evaluated and removed. In the conduct of information security governance, healthcare organizations can make use of the methodological approach of… Read More »

Privacy risks related to technological and organizational obsolescence in healthcare

The personal health data are the set of information useful to reveal the state of health of a person and consist of personal medical history, results of instrumental and laboratory tests, diagnostic images, medical reports and other sensitive information. The nature of this data is to be at the center of the activities of health… Read More »

Non-Healthcare Companies Have Exposed Personal Health Information in Breaches

According to a study from Verizon, nearly 20 percent of breaches involving healthcare information are not detected for at least one year. This is due in part to the fact that some organizations outside the healthcare sector are unaware that they have healthcare data stored in their systems. Twenty percent of healthcare breaches of health… Read More »