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How to prepare to comply to GDPR

The GDPR was born one year ago (on the 27th April, published on GUE on 4th May 2016) and many have not yet outlined an adjustment plan. There is only one year left to comply to (the deadline is established on 25th May 2018). Some data protection authority of each EU Member State have published… Read More »

Is a retrofitting enough to make current solutions compliant?

We are often tempted to reuse a significant portion of existing solutions and processes when information systems are forced to adhere to new regulatory requirements. This is usually not prevented and indeed advisable in many cases; nevertheless in the case of the new GDPR any simple and hasty approach would seem unsuitable and misleading. This especially… Read More »

Planning for new General DP Regulation

As the GDPR progresses along its path, the program to comply with the new discipline has to be envisaged. Such program shall surely be complex for the impacts that the new regulation is going to have on organization, processes and technologies. Preliminarily there are two basic questions that need to find answers: Which is the… Read More »

About security of the processing

The Amendment 124, Proposal for a regulation, Article 30 states: 1.  The controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks represented by the processing, taking into account the results of a data protection impact assessment (…), having regard to the state of the art and… Read More »