The E.D.P.S. launches an app to follow the law

By | Tuesday July 28th, 2015

An app was released for mobile phones and tablets that allows to consult the work of European Institutions on the general rules for the protection of data. The Italian Giovanni Buttarelli launched the app on National and European data protection “to compare the latest changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought by the co-legislating European Commission, Parliament and Council more easily.”

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I think it is something innovative and interesting.

Wojciech Wiewiórowski, Supervisor, says in an article “privacy and data protection should not be obstacles to economic growth and international trade, rather can improve them, and trust is a necessary precondition for innovative products and services that are based on the processing of personal data “.

Finally, I fully agree with G. Buttarelli when he says that “Europe can lead the way at an international level”. The sponsor is convinced that “the European Union needs a new agreement on data protection, a new chapter, which focuses less on excessive formalities or prescriptive in detail and invest more on dynamic guarantees that enable people to be in control of their data in the big data world we inhabit.”

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2 thoughts on “The E.D.P.S. launches an app to follow the law

  1. Alessandro Vallega

    What a nice App. I have installed it and it is my only APP that does NOT request any special privileges on my phone, contacts, friends, money, IP, and ideas 🙂

    Search on Google store for EU Data Protection. The App has an icon with EU stars and the text “EDPS” in the middle.

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