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Italian Parliament today approved two separate motions to promote the Declaration of Rights in Internet in view of the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Brazil November 9 to 13.
The Undersecretary of Telecommunications Antonello Giacomelli, to support the initiative “commits the government to activate its best endeavors for the promotion and adoption at the national, European and international principles contained in the Declaration adopted July 28, 2015 by the Commission for the rights and obligations on the Internet set up at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, to promote a path that leads to the creation of the Italian community to the governance of the network by defining tasks and objectives in a multi-stakeholder logic.
The Bill of Rights had been previously approved July 28, 2015 by a Commission ad hoc study promoted by the Presidency of the Chamber composed of active members on technological innovation, scholars and experts, professionals and representatives of associations after a series of hearings and a public consultation which lasted five months.
The Study Commission of the House also approved a joint declaration with the Commission of the French National which states, internationally, the concept of the internet as the global common good. The motion, signed by the parliamentary groups of the majority and the opposition, it defines the Internet as “an essential tool to promote individual and collective participation in the democratic process and the substantive equality”.

Here is a spontaneous comment: why two statements that in some places are mixed?

The theme most mentioned was that of network neutrality. According the centrist Mr Mario Marazziti instead in the paper, it shares content, there is no explicit reference to economic freedoms. Article 4 “Net Neutrality,” reads: “Every person has the right to the data transmitted and received on the Internet do not suffer discrimination, restrictions or interference in relation to the sender, recipient, or content type of data, device used, applications or, in general, legitimate choices of people. ” And in the second paragraph “The right to a neutral access to the Internet as a whole is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of the fundamental rights of the person.”
The other articles of the Charter instead concern the right of access to knowledge and education network, but also to the protection of personal data, informational self-determination, inviolability of private homes computer, anonymity and oblivion Safety Net.

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