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Relevance and cost of the Data Protection Officer in healthcare organizations

The legislation fixes the data protection as a general problem of high priority, and obliges organizations address data protection seriously and consciously, outlining the tools and strategies to get organized coherently and do their part to counter this risky situation. The GDPR defines an approach for the creation of a system in which information security is… Read More »

The role of Data Protection Officer in an healthcare organisation

The health data are processed in a technological domain very complex, often influenced by the presence of exceptions. These exceptions to the standard management processes add cost, complexity and redundancy in the system, worsening the proper functioning of healthcare organizations. The regulatory environment also does not provide the appropriate tools to attack the critical issues… Read More »

GDPR in healthcare: critical issues and possible solutions

The General Data Protection Regulation is certainly innovative and in line with the current requirements for data security. It is structured in such a way as to ensure consistency, balance and control of the powers of the stakeholders involved. It aims to achieve, in the short and medium term, some “hard” goals. Most public and… Read More »

Non-Healthcare Companies Have Exposed Personal Health Information in Breaches

According to a study from Verizon, nearly 20 percent of breaches involving healthcare information are not detected for at least one year. This is due in part to the fact that some organizations outside the healthcare sector are unaware that they have healthcare data stored in their systems. Twenty percent of healthcare breaches of health… Read More »