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Manager with huge experience in multi-national environments. Currently focused on Swiss marketshare, I developped a deep knowledge in Business Strategy and Team Management supporting several start up in Management Consulting and IT Business Area. With 20+ years of experience in IT and Consulting Industries, with a special focus on Architecture, Governance, Audit, IT Service Mgmt, Security and Risk Mgmt, BC and DR, I experienced the Big Four environment in the Deloitte network as Senior Manager and Director. I took place to ICT Governance, ITSM, BC, DR, BPR with focus on Audit, Governance, Risk Mgmt and Security in FSI. I was involved in the start up of TIG, an Italian consulting boutique, of THINK!, a no profit organization focused on ICT topics, of ISAS, a company focused on SMB companies, and of Siledo Global SA in Switzerland, currently a POWA Company. I'm now involved in the start up of the Swiss branch of Codd & Date as part of Vipera Plc. Group also in the role of GRCAS Group Competence Center, with the duty of Regional Executive Manager.

Privacy and Information Security – Protection or Growth Opportunities? # 1

Let’s try to look at some phenomena not necessarily consistent with each other, not apparently at least: – EU, launches, more or less simultaneously, rules for privacy and for cyber security; – The European Court cancels the Safe Harbour Agreement by replacing de facto the need to manage data and information within EU; – The recent dispute with… Read More »

Privacy and Cross Border in Banking #1

The issue of cross-border banking is one of the major topics of discussion in the European Union at the same level of Privacy. But are the two issues contaminated? Or do they at least present some overlaps? Let me recap some definitions. Oversimplifying, all those issues relating to the reconciliation and mutual adoption of regulatory… Read More »