Let’s meet on March 15th to discuss about GDPR projects

By | Saturday March 10th, 2018

Oracle Community for Security, Europrivacy, and Clusit are waiting for us at Security Summit. The third day of the most important Italian Security conference is in fact dedicated to GDPR.

After the plenary session dedicated to a comparison between Italy and other European countries moderated by the President of Clusit Gabriele Faggioli, I invite you to the session in sala ASIA B where I have the pleasure to moderate 8 experts discussing the status of the projects in place to achieve compliance. During the session, we will have an online survey that will be used to feed the discussion.

These are the experts:  Gabriele Faggioli (Clusit), Paolo Capozuca (Alfagroup), Enrico Ferretti (Protiviti), Filomena Polito (APIHM), Stefano Rinauro (Polizia di Stato), Alessandro Crepaldi (Banca Popolare di Sondrio), Corrado Salvemini (Carrefour), Alessandro Cosenza (Bticino)

Oracle Community for Security continues in the afternoon with two more sessions: “GDPR e digital trust” with Guglielmo Troiano (P4I), Igor Marcolongo (Infocert) and Giancarlo Colla (Oracle ACS); and privacy nel continuo with Maria Roberta Perugini (Studio Legale Jacobacci Associati).

Security Summit is in Milano, March 13th – 15th and is free. To participate see https://www.securitysummit.it/event/Milano-2018

Oracle Community for security organizes also other sessions (not related to GDPR) in the previous days. More information here: https://www.oracle.com/search/press/_/N-tvZus?Nr=101&cty=it

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About Alessandro Vallega

He is Security Business Development Director for Oracle EMEA. He has the responsibility to lead a cross functional team on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, EU 679/2016) at EMEA level (marketing, legal, sales, training, technology). He founded and coordinates an external blog on the same topic (https://blog.europrivacy.org). He has defined a European methodology to evaluate the database security degree of a data center and the advantages of identity and access management technology. He founded in 2007 the Oracle Community for Security, and in that context led the creation of several publications about security and privacy in the cloud, with mobile, in the social media, in healthcare, on return on security investments, about the role of the CISO, and how to prevent frauds. He is an author of the Italian annual ICT Security Report by CLUSIT and he is part of the CLUSIT board of directors.

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