Data Protection compared to Data Governance: are there underlying implications ?

By | Sunday January 15th, 2017

The customer data protection needs to be included under the logics inspiring the principles and measures of Data Governance. In this sense, the measures to protect customers’ personal data can only be effective if they follow the same principles that drive the measures to corporate Data Governance.

A healthy setting of Data Governance rules is aimed at defining oversights and implementing controls but must also be inherent in the working methodology, in the design and implementation of solutions and in the change management.

In this sense the criteria of Privacy by design and privacy by default must be considered, especially when they intimately bind the development of application solutions and process functions with the principles underlying the design and the management of technological and organizational business models aiming to data protection.

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IT Regulatory, Risk and Control Specialist As Information security and risk expert I have been heading analysis and management projects aiming to achieve compliance to recent Data Protection Authority Provision (also called “Provvedimento Garante II”) and to Bank of Italy Provision “Disposizioni di Vigilianza” (upd.15 - enforced under Circular 263/06) mainly to assure an appropriate Data Governance level and an integration between the ICT and the Operational Risk approach.. Also active member in analysis and research interbank groups on data protection, data leakage, risk prevention, information frauds countermeasures and ICT regulatory compliance for the financial industry.

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