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Architecture of GDPR as an answer to the modern need for a sustainable development of technological dynamics. Twenty years ago, the first Personal Data Protection Law entered into force in Italy. Since then, both the complexity of the regulations  and the public awareness have been growing wide, same pace with the thriving technological progress. Nowadays… Read More »

Personal data protection in the headlines

The most important Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, day after day reports headlines concerning the topic “privacy”: on Tuesday 10th an interview with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, where privacy is defined “a right” that Internet companies must respect to avoid a dramatic crisis in the future; the day after, Microsoft’s Nadella declares (see below) that… Read More »

DPO and digital transformation. Comments on EU Council decisions

The EU Council’s proposal for the Personal Data Protection Regulation approved on the 11th of June makes the DPO no longer mandatory for anyone. What did it mean for the DPO to be mandatory in the previous versions of the forthcoming Personal Data Protection Regulation? The digital transformation, or however you may call the big changes in our lives… Read More »