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By | Thursday November 12th, 2015

The most important Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, day after day reports headlines concerning the topic “privacy”: on Tuesday 10th an interview with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, where privacy is defined “a right” that Internet companies must respect to avoid a dramatic crisis in the future; the day after, Microsoft’s Nadella declares (see below) that Microsoft is opening a new Datacenter in Germany under the control of Deutsche Telekom where EU citizens’ data will be stored, also to overcome the recent sentence on safe harbour.

Combining this trend with the attempt of Mr. Obama to ask the Congress to approve a federal law on Privacy in the US and the new GDPR that is on its way, it seems that a new scenario is emerging where Data Protection is not just a burocratic issue anymore.

The world that the digital transformation is preparing for all of us is based on trust and trust requires that private data are secure and protected. Good news also for our initiative.

Corriere della sera 12-11-2015

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One thought on “Personal data protection in the headlines

  1. Alessandro Vallega

    You know that I work for a large IT software company and I can confirm all that Oracle focus is more and more on Cloud. Even before the recent decision by the European Court of Justice on Safe Harbour ( there were plans to increase the quality, quantity and power of the datacenters located in Europe to dismiss at once the problem of the export of personal data outside EU. I think that many cloud vendors are facing and solving this topic making local datacenter.

    … Of course business continuity and backup shall be limited to Europe as well.

    One more comment: you will remember that back in 2012 we proposed in our Cloud Security book (in Italian here: – page 41 point 4) to bring the data in the cloud and keep the keys local.
    It is nice to see that Larry Ellison at Oracle Open World said exactly the same thing last week.
    (minute 39)

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