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By | Monday January 18th, 2016

On 17 December, the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament voted and approved the draft Regulation as issued after the interinstitutional negotiations.
On Friday Dec 18, 2015 the Coreper II Committee (Council of the European Union) confirmed the compromise texts.
On the same day Mr. Claude Moraes (Chair of the LIBE Committee), addressed a letter to Mr. Christian Braun (President of the Permanent Representatives Committee of the Council of the European Union) stating that, if the compromised text was to be transmitted formally to the European Parliament as the Council’s first reading position for this legislative proposal, he will recommend to the Members of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and subsequently to the Plenary that the Council’s first reading position be accepted without amendments in Parliament’s second reading.

Click here to read the compromised text (from Public register of the Council of the European Union).


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