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Partner in EXP legal - Professional Association, operates mainly in the areas of Information and Communication Technology law, Data Protection and Corporate Criminal Responsibility. For over 15 years provides legal and organizational assistance, writing decrees for public administrations, contracts, guidelines, policies and procedures, providing advices, conducting impact assessments, designes systems of information flow management (optimization of existing processes, implementation of new processes and procedures) and providing teaching activities in areas in which is specialized. He has managed and still manages project teams and human resources using own proven project management skills. It is often involved in public consultations, in order to make a contribution to the many issues discussed, for example, by the Personal Data Protection Authority.

UK institutional “data breach” … HSCIC asks for an inconsistent consent …

A recent decision of the Information Commissioner’s Office ( has manifested a fear that for years affected the UK (and not only) and that it is the focus of the discussions between the associations for the protection of clients/patients/data subjects. The above document states that the British “Data Controller” has experienced an anomaly related to… Read More »

From #SAFEHARBOR to #PRIVACYSHIELD through the Judicial Redress Act

No matter what anybody says, the “privacy shield” is just “smoke in the eyes”. There are not fundamentals to protect personal data in the way the European Court of Justice asked in October 2015 Judgment “versus Facebook” (C-362/14, 6 October 2015). Many people thought of the Judicial Redress Act (hereinafter JRA) as a rule extending… Read More »