EU Data Protection Reform: two steps forward

By | Monday December 21st, 2015

First step – #EuDataP compromise texts approved by LIBE Committe

European Parliament – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE Committee)

On Thursday Dec 17, 2015 the LIBE Committee confirmed the Data Protection Reform (both Regulation and Directive).
The Committee approved the Regulation by 48 votes to 4, with 4 abstention.
The Directive was backed by 53 votes to 2, with 1 abstention.

  • Jan Philipp Albrecht (Rapporteur on the Regulation):
    The new rules will give users back the right to decide on their own private data.
    At the same time, the new rules will give businesses legal certainty and chances for competition. It will create one single common data protection standard across Europe. This implies less bureaucracy and creates a level playing field for all business on the European market“.
  • Marju Lauristin (Parliament’s lead MEP on the Directive):
    This is an historic agreement, since it is the first time we have fully harmonised rules covering police and criminal justice authorities on data protection in the EU. These rules, applying to cooperation between EU member states and with  third countries on transferring and processing of data, should facilitate the sharing of information, while at the same time ensuring that European citizens’ fundamental rights are not violated“.

Second Step – #EuDataP compromise texts approved by COREPER II Committe

Council of the European Union – Committee of the Permanent Representatives of the Governments of the Member States to the European Union (Coreper II Committee)

On Friday Dec 18, 2015 the Coreper II Committee confirmed the compromise texts (both Regulation & Directive) agreed with the European Parliament on Data Protection Reform.

  • Félix Braz (Luxembourg Minister of Justice and President of the Council):
    It is a fundamental agreement with important consequences. This reform not only strengthens the rights of citizens, but also adapts the rules to the digital age for companies, whilst reducing the administrative burden. These are ambitious and forward-looking texts. We can have full confidence in the result.

Press conference
On Monday 21 December there will be a joint press conference on the Data Protection Package with Ms Marju Lauristin, Mr Jan Philipp Albrecht, Commissioner Vera Jourová and justice minister Félix Braz for the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council.

Next steps
After a legal-linguistic review both texts (Regulation and Directive) will be submitted for adoption by the Council and, subsequently, by the Parliament.

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