The European Data Protection Supervisor opinion on the data protection reform

By | Wednesday September 9th, 2015

On August the 6th the EDPS gave his opinion on the data reform.

The full text is available at Consilium web site.

The EDPS points out five high level requirements:

  1. A better deal for citizen: simplicity while:
    • Understanding what is personal information
    • Exercising their rights on personal data
    • All data processing should be both lawful and justified
    • Seeking Data Protection Authorities support
  2. Rules that will work in practice
    • Effective safeguards not procedures
    • A better equilibrium between public interest and personal data protection
    • Trusting and empowering supervisory authority
  3. Rules which will last a generation
    • data protection by design and by default
    • data portability
  4. Unfinished business
    • e-privacy directive amendment
    • Regulation 45/2001 (EDPS)
  5. A defining moment for digital rights in Europe and beyond
    • Mass surveillance by government is a worrying reality

Personally I totally agree with the EDPS point of view.

I think that some posts in this site are in accordance with the EDPS point of view; see for example:

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