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WP29 announces a “handbook” for the GDPR

The Working Party Article 29 spokeswoman Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has set for her team a challenging goal: to publish later this year a handbook for practical application in companies of the changes introduced by the new european General Data Protection Regulation. The guidelines are necessary because “there are ambiguities in GDPR”. Clarifications have also been promised… Read More »

Significant Declarations of the article 29 working party about The Privacy Shield

The negotiations between the EU and the United States seems replacing the Safe-Harbour to the new “EU-USA. Privacy Shield” . This new framework was recently discussed by WP29. In summary, there is no published evidence that the Privacy Shield actually provides an adequate level of protection; much work needs to be done by the Commission… Read More »

Safe Harbour is invalid – What’s the impact of the recent decision by the European Court of Justice

On 6 October the European Court of Justice (CJEU) adopted a fundamental decision on transfer of personal data between the EU and the USA. In case C-362/14 Maximillian Schrems vs. Data Protection Commissioner the CJEU ruled that the Commission decision 2000/520, which states that the USA under the procedure known as “safe harbor” ensure adequate… Read More »