WP29 announces a “handbook” for the GDPR

By | Monday October 31st, 2016

The Working Party Article 29 spokeswoman Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has set for her team a challenging goal: to publish later this year a handbook for practical application in companies of the changes introduced by the new european General Data Protection Regulation. The guidelines are necessary because “there are ambiguities in GDPR”. Clarifications have also been promised about the role of the DPO.

<< The Article 29 Working Party plans to release official guidance by the end of the year for companies unsure how regulators will enforce the General Data Protection Regulation, Falque-Pierrotin said her group’s initial guidelines will cover enforcement, privacy officers, and data portability provisions. Falque-Pierrotin said the guidelines are necessary to clarify ambiguities within the GDPR, and to “transform the text into an operational toolbox.” Falque-Pierrotin said reaching a “common interpretation” of the GDPR is a challenge to ensure privacy harmonization across all countries. The chairwoman said further guidance could come in 2017, focusing on Privacy Shield, guidance on consent, and the effect Brexit will have on privacy issues in the U.K. and the EU.>>
Thanks to IAPP Europe Data Protection Digest for reposting this news from Bloomberg BNA.
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