Change in the group of coordinators

By | Tuesday April 12th, 2016

As part of the normal life of this blog we are announcing here a change in the coordinators.

Guglielmo has asked to leave the coordinators group because of an increased workload due to external factors, but of course he will continue as one of the contributors. We thank Guglielmo who helped us kick off this initiative in the first important months.

We have than incorporated Giancarlo to help us to continue to develop this web site. Giancarlo was already one of the contributors, so in practice there is a swap of people. Thank you too Giancarlo!




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About Alessandro Vallega

He is Security Business Development Director for Oracle EMEA. He has the responsibility to lead a cross functional team on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, EU 679/2016) at EMEA level (marketing, legal, sales, training, technology). He founded and coordinates an external blog on the same topic ( He has defined a European methodology to evaluate the database security degree of a data center and the advantages of identity and access management technology. He founded in 2007 the Oracle Community for Security, and in that context led the creation of several publications about security and privacy in the cloud, with mobile, in the social media, in healthcare, on return on security investments, about the role of the CISO, and how to prevent frauds. He is an author of the Italian annual ICT Security Report by CLUSIT and he is part of the CLUSIT board of directors.

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