Europrivacy Manifesto has fulfilled the task of preparing Italian companies for the impact of the GDPR. We started to publish our interpretations of the law well before the final text was approved (in 2015) and we organized dozens of public conferences and debates even with the Data Protection Authority. We consider this task concluded with 316 posts.

We have therefore decided to close the blog at 12/31/2018 thanking the authors and our readers for their support and sympathy. is a collective blog born in 2015 as an initiative of Aused, Clusit, and Oracle Community for Security, gathering expert professionals of Security and Compliance who desire contributing to the development of consciousness for organizations in regard to General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 EU Regulation) and related European regulations.

The proposed point of view is multidisciplinary and realized through the work of contributors deriving from both the Legal and Information Technology world. The blog aims to become a reference point within the adjustment process to new legislation and to contribute to an international debate, thus posts are always translated in English.

This manifesto outlines the roles and responsibilities of those that, on different levels, participate and contribute to the development of the initiative.


The blog is opened to all readers and anyone may read its contents.

Registered Users

It is possible to actively contribute to the blog only upon registration on the website. Registered users may comment posts, ask questions in the specific section, receive monthly newsletter reporting events and most recent posts.


Contributors are the load-bearing axis of the blog.
They realize detailed analysis contents concerning GDPR’s themes, share opinions with other contributors and users, indicate events, and reply to questions posted in the specific section.
Each registered user possessing specific competences in the Data Protection field may submit their candidacy (to Coordination Committee) in order to become contributor.


Coordinators are selected among members of Clusit, Aused and Oracle Community for Security; their role is to coordinate the platform and activities.
Coordinator’s task is proposing collateral activities of Europrivacy (e.g conferences), evaluating and confirming registration of new contributors, formally inspecting posts before publication.

Support roles

They are professionals (identified by coordinators) that contribute, with specialized competences, to achieving Europrivacy’s aims. In particular, the blog requires the presence of a website administrator, a social media manager for linked accounts (Twitter @europrivacy and slideshare EuroprivacyDataProtection), a translator for English publications, and an administrative office for reporting. Furthermore, the role of contributors’ interlocutor is required, whose task is facilitating activities related to publishing posts. Several positions of tutor are also needed, whose task is facilitating contacts with sponsors.


Sponsors are companies that economically support the initiative in name of their social sense of responsibility and legitimate commercial interests. The sponsors do not influence contributors’ opinions nor the website management.
Among them, there are the three promoting partners (Clusit, Aused and Oracle Community for Security)

In order to achieve the best working conditions for such an articulated machine, it is suitable defining the aims and the working bonds for each individual and providing rules that help understanding how to behave within proper dialectics between personal/ commercial interests and the pre-competitive and cultural aims of the initiative.
With this purpose, the blog Decalogue has been prepared.

Europrivacy’s blog Decalogue

  1. All users utilize the blog in an ethical manner and in respect to netiquette.
  2. All contributors are always expressing a personal opinion, derived from their professional experience.
  3. Contributors may (and this is appreciated) state their membership to Europrivacy in public settings (e.g. conferences and social networks) and may utilize Europrivacy’s logo (where applicable) in relation to their statement.
  4. Contributors who participate to conferences presenting a contribution realized in respect to the ethical, pre-competitive and cultural criteria of the initiative may use Europrivacy’s template, given a previously asked authorization.
  5. Contributors are required to regularly participate to Europrivacy’s activities, publish and comment posts, answer users-posed questions and participate in alignment conference calls.
  6. Sponsors (through a tutor, contributor or representative of coordination committee) and single contributors may advise conferences even with commercial nature, given the topic is concerning privacy/security, in the dedicated section of the blog (“Events”).
  7. Sponsors pledge to discuss with tutor the collateral and synergic activities plan between their company and Europrivacy
  8. Coordinators, where given the opportunity, report to blog members the possibility of contributing to sponsor’s collateral activities (e.g. as a relator in conferences).
  9. Coordinators and support roles pledge to help the initiative grow in its complex and leave in the background their personal interests or trade interests when in conflict with those of Europrivacy.
  10. Coordinators, contributors, and support roles dedicate adequate time and energy, consider proposed ideas and pledge to make the blog grow in terms of competent resources of contribution.