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Europrivacy panel on GDPR at Security Summit

“Friends call it GDPR” was the title of the conference held by Europrivacy last week within Security Summit, organized by Clusit this year as well. After the introduction of Alessandro Vallega the speaker were Jonathan Brera (KPMG), Andrea Gaglietto (Protiviti) and Andrea Reghellin (P4I). The panel that followed the presentations was also attended by Stefano… Read More »

Report Verizon : violated 9 out of 10 companies

The 2015 edition of the Protected Health Information Data Breach Report, released by Verizon and based on a database of protected health information (PHI), amounting to 392 million records, and over 1,931 incidents detected in 25 countries. What’s most alarming is that 90% of companies involved in the survey suffered violations of personal health… Read More »

Friends call it GDPR

Next week, within Security Summit, the most important Security Conference in Italy, some of the contributors of this web site, present and discuss about Data Breach, Data Protection by Design and Roles and Responsibilites. Per gli amici si chiama GDPR March 16th, at 11.30 AM Also, the next day, AUSED with other contributors and guests, will discuss about GDPR… Read More »

USA, cybercriminals bloc clinical folders and email: The hospital chooses to pay the ransom

Interesting article in La Repubblica: “It was the fastest way to restore the system.” The sum was paid in bitcoins and corresponds to approximately $ 17,000. It is not the first time that the public interest structures are blocked by a cyber attack. And they still underestimate the risks of this phenomenon. ” Is it… Read More »

Personal data protection. The EU GDPR text has been approved: and now? Conference on January 29th 16

Last December, the Commission of the EU Parliament in charge approved the final text of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) thus closing the negotiation among EU Parliament, Commission and Council (the so called trilogue). Now only some formal approval steps are still missing to have it in force. Steps that shoul be completed… Read More »

Cox Communications Settles FCC Charges

Cox Communications will pay nearly US $600,000 to settle Federal Communications Commission (FCC) charges regarding a breach that exposed customer data. The incident occurred in August 2014 and compromised addresses, driver’s license numbers, and partial Social Security numbers (SSNs). The FCC said that Cox did not provide adequate security for the data and that the… Read More »

Non-Healthcare Companies Have Exposed Personal Health Information in Breaches

According to a study from Verizon, nearly 20 percent of breaches involving healthcare information are not detected for at least one year. This is due in part to the fact that some organizations outside the healthcare sector are unaware that they have healthcare data stored in their systems. Twenty percent of healthcare breaches of health… Read More »

Coming soon: Jan. 29 2016 the first meeting on GDPR is organizing a meeting to start talking and working on the recently approved text of the GDPR on January 29 in Milan. This is just a “save the date”: more info will follow soon.